Yacht Delivery

Yacht Delivery

Delivery Captain is the most reliable and professional yacht delivery company in Europe. Our yacht delivery service in second to none. With over 17 years of international experience  we can guarantee you are always in safe hands. All our skippers and crew are top qualified and very professional. We provide our clients with professional qualified skippers and crew,  offering competitive price, reliable, safe, fast yacht delivery available even at short notice.

All crew standards meets minimum of Yachtmaster with STCW95 certification.

Contact Delivery Captain now to discuss how we can meet your requirements for your next yacht delivery.

PictureYacht Delivery Atlantic Ocean Crossing

How does it work:
Fill out the free quotation form with as many details as possible, boat details and delivery requirements.
Please include: Boat Name – Boat Type – Boat Dimensions – Year built – State of vessel – Equipment – Present Location Final Destination Port – ETD – ETA.
Free quotation will be sent within 24 hours. A formal contract will be issued upon acceptance of quotation. Contract will be signed by the two parties and joining date will be agreed.
The vessel must be ready to sail and have all necessary “up to date” safety equipment on board. Engine must be serviced, sails and rigging must be in good working order.

PictureYacht Delivery Preparation Covering Protection – Weather and Routing

Joining Date:
Joining date is always agreed between owner/agent and Delivery Captain beforehand. Our contracted skipper and crew will join the yacht on the date and take over from then on. The Skipper will take full responsibilities thereafter, and full reports will be issued together with an exception list. The yacht will then be thoroughly checked. In the following days our delivery team will make sure all in is place, all operational systems are tested and sea trial will take place. The overall performance of the yacht will also be tested.
Departure & Preparation: 
Yacht Delivery preparation consists in protecting all areas by covering them with appropriate material. All surfaces needs covering and protection, woodwork, general interior parts and stainless steel. All boat areas will need arranging and protection according to the skipper indication and final decision.
We are usually able to go through delivery preparation within three days. This includes food, water, fuel. Based on weather conditions, the skipper will decide the departure date (ETD).
Delivery team will meet the owner/agent, and go through the final paperwork and check the yacht is fine and in perfect conditions. The yacht will be perfectly clean inside out. Upon customer satisfaction handover will be made,  the crew will be signed out and will leave the boat.

PictureSafety Equipment

Things you need to check are in place and up to date:

  • Boat papers including manuals
  • Safety equipment
  • Yacht insurance
  • Liferaft
  • Epirb
  • WHF radio
  • Flares
  • First Aid Kit
  • Navigational Instrument and charts
  • Satellite Phone

PictureSatellite Communication

About Satellite Communication:

A satellite phone is usually enough to keep communication between crew and clients, providing boat position and delivery progress. Although we provide a 24/7 office support, we can improve connection with owners by adding a satellite device installed on the yacht. Satellite system devises are easily installed on board and can give continuous signal to verify boat position. This solution can be particularly useful if you are on the move, and wish to know where the boat is at all times. Vessel movement and progress can be monitored from any tablet, computer or smartphones.

Yacht Delivery Service by sea to worldwide destinations undertaken by qualified RYA/MCA professional skipper and crew. Sail and motor, private or commercial to yacht brokers or charter companies, we can provide worldwide transportation at competitive prices, safe, fast, even at short notice.

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Reliable – Fast – Safe – Yacht Delivery Service Worldwide – Very competitive price!

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