Yacht Delivery Seychelles

Yacht Delivery Seychelles

Delivery to Seychelles are very frequent at DC Delivery-Captain. This amazing locations can be reached from the Mediterranean, through the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean. Unfortunately, the Gulf of Aden, all the north coast line of Africa including Socotra Island, are considered very dangerous due the high incidents of PIRACY. A very careful passage plan is a must. Another problem of course is the weather. This passage must be planned to perfection and in line with the winds direction on each season. So this means that there is always the best time to go one way and the best time to go the other way.

A yacht delivery to Seychelles can take up to 8/9 weeks considering the Suez Canal transit, a possible stop in Djibouti for refuel, water, food and then a long leg to final destination. The same, more or less will apply the other way round back to the Med.


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