Yacht Delivery Cape Town

Yacht Delivery Cape Town

Our professional delivery team will ensure boats are delivered in tip top conditions and even better then when they were handed over at start. On arrival our crew will meet the owner or broker and together will go through boat papers and complete the handover. The handover is probably a good way to see if anyone has missed out on anything, hence take this opportunity to get things right. All things can be assessed at this point, all boat paper in place, engine service, safety equipment, lifereft, epirb, sat-phone, all instruments checked and up to date. Boat sea trial is also performed and if all is good then the first part of the job is done. Our team will now work alone and take care of preparation for boat for departure. Usually it takes about three days to get ready, weather permitting the crew will set sail. Yacht Delivery preparation is a job that needs done properly. Crew will be able to deliver the yacht in amazing conditions giving the idea that it never sailed across the ocean at all. Preparation has a lot to do with covering the inside and the outside with most suitable cover for any different surfaces. Stainless still is covered by Vaseline, wooden tops with tape and bubble-wrap, cooker with aluminium foil and so on. While going through the hull and checking for any defects all the running rigging will be checked as well. Furthermore, all our job will be documented with pictures. At this point the yacht will then be ready to take onboard, parts and spares that will be used along the journey, like oil change and other spares. Finally, food, fuel and water will be taken care of, and together with a careful route plan. Most of the times the route for any voyage is agreed beforehand with skipper and owner if require. This is in the event that the owner wishes either to join for part of the trip or meet the crew later on in a familiar place. The yacht and its crew is now ready to go and all it needs is the perfect weather. Our yacht delivery team will always put safety first and will not leave port unless is safe for them and the boat.

Yacht Delivery Cape Town are pretty common at Delivery Captain. Cape Town is the home of Robertson and Caine Boat Building Factory and due to this fact, they build large amount of Catamarans that are sold all over the world. Leopards are not the only sailing catamarans built in Cape Town, also Dean Yacht and SeaWinds Yachts are built there. Our  yacht delivery team have been taking out to USA and the Caribbean many catamarans and Sailing Yachts over the past 10 years.


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