Yacht Delivery Brisbane Australia

Yacht Delivery Brisbane Australia

Australia is probably one of the most amazing location known to sailor worldwide. It offers the very best of sailing adventure together with lots of beautiful places to see. We are very familiar with the area and have spent a fair amount of time sailing in and around Australia. The yacht delivery below is going to Brisbane and starting it sailing adventure from usa Seattle.

Skipper Kenneth and Co-Skipper Andrè Lambelet together with crew member Jan, are going for the job and will make sure all is well managed and the yacht gets to Brisbane even in better condition than when it was handed out to them at start.

Yacht Delivery from Seattle WA to Brisbane Australia Status: Departed on 04/06/2016 – Completed 15/08/2016

Skipper Kenneth and crew, Jan and André have now left Seattle. First stop Hawaii…

happy days

Happy Days

Kenneth & Andrè

Yacht Delivery to Brisbane

Kenneth and Andrè at work


Pulling by Kenneth under Andreè’s supervision

Kenneth (left) and Andrè


Ready with food provisioning.

Departure Saturday 4th of June

hawaii oahu honolulu waikiki beach

First stop 24/06/2016:

Pulled into Honolulu yesterday.
Reaching Samoa: ETA 18/ July/2016
Arrival at Brisbane 15/august/2016

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