Lagoon 39 Delivery Sailing Catamaran

Lagoon 39 Delivery from Les Sables D’Olonne to Caribbean

The Boat: Sailing Catamaran

The new Lagoon 39 is by far the most comfortable catamaran around. As the experts from main factory say, with lagoon 39 we enter a new era of sailing catamarans. Capable of great stability, outstanding sailing performance and comfortable as never before.

Yacht Delivery with Owner on board.

We are always very proud to have the owners on board as we will have a really good chance to show them their purchase and help them along. This way they get a really good feel of the yacht and see all the good and the bad things about it. Sailing Catamarans in a special way need to be understood and special attention should be given to the way they perform out at sea.

Our skipper will join the vessel at any stage, well in advance to assist possible works carried out on the boat or just before departure date. On joining date our crew will start working together with owner to plan the delivery. The specific requirement can vary from one’s necessity to another, but we will make sure your requirements are met and a professional job is carried out at all times. Owners can be accompanied by skipper only or Skipper and crew.

We can assist for further sailing training by having one of our experienced skipper joining the vessel few days earlier and perform on a day to day basis teaching. This will include passage planning and preparation. Route and technique, and most important boat handling

We can also assist during the purchase of the yacht. This so called hand over can be tricky and our expertise can come handy and make yourself at ease, giving you a great peace of mind. Checking all inventory, all safety equipment, electronics, instruments test drive and engine check. We can do it all.


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