Delivery Captain rates and yacht delivery costs

A professional yacht delivery will need a professional qualified captain and crew. Never take any risk on giving the job to anyone who does not have the necessary experience and qualification to do so.

As a boat owner you will find it very difficult to find the right person for the job going through the net. Too many unqualified and unprofessional people on the web unfortunately.

References are always a good mean of understanding if the skipper is or not a good one. But even that will not be 100% sure.

Do not try going cheap by employing a skipper based on a cheap quote or cheap rate on your yacht delivery. This may eventually result in losing your money and probably even worse “your boat”.

Therefore, you are better off dealing with a good recognized yacht delivery company that will take full responsibility on finding the right person. They will follow up every step and ensure all is done by the book. Taking care of your yacht from start to finish giving you that peace of mind you deserve.

Delivery Captain can provide such service with over 17 years of experience on the field.

It’s always very difficult to provide a list of costs associated to any yacht delivery. We need to take under account different factors:

  • How old is the boat
  • Fuel consumption
  • The distance to travel
  • The departure point
  • The destination

However, we can easily say that our rates range between 1.99 – 2.50 euros per nautical mile.

This will include a Captain and one or two qualified crew to help delivery from start to finish.

As far as yacht delivery costs are concerned then it gets more complicated and all we mentioned before comes into place.

We need to account for travel for all crew to and from the boat, fuel, marinas and ports, duties and tax (where it applies), canal passages, spares and parts to take care of engine while on the go, food on board, safety equipment for the voyage and also delays.

You will find searching on the web skipper rates, and you will see that some of them will charge per day and their charges can go up to 500.00 $ usd, plus all expenses and all extra costs…. this is not our case. We always charge per nautical mile.


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