Delivery Captain Needed

Delivery Captain Needed

delivery captain needed

Delivery Captain Andrea Ciotoli

It has been a long time since I started operating in this business ( back in ’99). Even though some things have changed, some others have not changed at all.

Technology has definitely taken over, and most of our work is done easily by instruments. But there is one thing that never can change: The way we make a difference on our job.

Customer service and Customer satisfaction its only part of our mission.

A good Captain would know the difference and sure a good customer too. This is the only way to combine any job to a personalized work. The delivery of a yacht from one port to another.

Essentially the job has other far more important components to it than just customer service, but the one meets the other. So through the years I have addressed my team of professional skipper the same ideas over and over. Put together, Reliability, Safety at sea, Speed of work, customer service and finally this can only lead to customer satisfaction. Our main objective.

The need of a delivery captain should be there always and not only in certain cases. You must always aim your search to a professional delivery captain/skipper for the job. This can be for a short trip as well as a long journey.

Never try to save money as this can only lead to a major failure, always!

At Delivery Captain we believe: Your yacht is your pride and joy, so we make it ours when we deliver it!

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